Impetus adopts Smartex systems


Impetus adopts Smartex systems

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Continuing its commitment to digitization, Impetus is adopting Smartex systems for detecting defects in mesh production. The objective, which fits into the company's sustainability strategy, is to reduce waste, increase efficiency and transparency in production.

Impetus acquired Smartex artificial intelligence and computer vision technology, a solution that combines hardware and software, with cameras and lights that are installed inside the circular loom and are able to detect a defect right from the start.

«At Impetus, we define our strategy and guide our conduct taking into account a comprehensive context of sustainability, which is reflected in the way we create and produce our products and how we manage the waste generated. Therefore, we decided to incorporate this technology in our looms, which will help us detect defects in real time, avoiding thus wastage, not only of raw material, but of water, energy and chemical products», says the group's management in a statement.

According to a study carried out by Smartex at Tintex, one of the national companies that has already tested the technology, as has Familitex, the early detection of defects, including oil stains, holes and wire failures, among others, allowed, during the 70 days under study, savings of more than 50 thousand liters of water (obtained by not sending defective mesh to the dyehouse), 2,772 kWh of electricity, 50 hours of working time, 532.3 kg of CO2 and 840 meters of mesh, equivalent to a total of 2,072 euros. Numbers that make the return on investment «less than one
year on average», as Rui Pereira, director of business development at Smartex, told Portugal Têxtil.

Innovate sustainably
The acquisition of this intelligent technology is also part of Impetus' commitment to industry 4.0 and the digitization of production. In an interview with Jornal Têxtil, Ricardo Figueiredo, company administrator, assumed that «Industrie 4.0 is already naturally in our DNA» and that the pandemic «came to benefit» the digital transition of Impetus, which also includes the complete implementation of the ERP and the 3D modeling. According to a statement from Impetus, «the innovation strategy that the group currently has, and which will continue, is linked to a symbiosis between technology and sustainability and will involve developing new products, new processes, new elements that make difference in terms of use or production, but which are closely related to the reduction of our ecological footprint'.

In the area of ​​sustainability, the company has also implemented several initiatives. “All of our production processes are specifically designed and executed in order to reduce our environmental footprint and energy consumption”, stresses the administration, noting that “we have photovoltaic panels in a large part of our industrial area” and “we have changed 80% of our fleet to plug-in electric and hybrid cars that run on energy produced by our solar panels”.

Impetus adopts Smartex systems
Impetus adopts Smartex systems